SC2003 Committee List

2003 Role Last Name First Name Company
Conference Chair McGraw James R. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Conference Vice-Chair Duke Dennis Florida State University
Conference Deputy Chair Huskamp Jeff East Carolina University
Conference Deputy Chair Kramer Bill Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Conference Committee, ACM Representative Baglio Donna ACM
Conference Committee, IEEE CS Representative Kelly Ann Marie IEEE Computer Society
Conference Committee, Executive Director Borchers Bridget R. R. Borchers and Associates
Conference Committee, Committee Support Bianchini-Gunn Michele Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Finance Chair Teller Pat University of Texas, El Paso
Finance Deputy Chair Huskamp Sandra W. East Carolina University
Finance Contractor Ford Ethel Capstone Solutions Inc
Exhibits Chair Cooper David Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Exhibitors Forum Chair Papadopoulos Phil San Diego Supercomputing Center
Exhibits Vice Chair To Ginny  
Exhibits Committee, Industry Exhibits Co-Lead Marshburn Ernie East Carolina University
Exhibits Committee, Industry Exhibits Co-Lead Verastegui Becky  
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits Co-Lead Schroeder Eleanor NAVO MSRC
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits Co-Lead Hess Barry Sandia National Labs
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits, European Village Resch Michael HLRS
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits, Pacific Rim Hirose Naoki National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits Graham Jeff ASC MSRC
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits Gruzinskas Pete NAVO MSRC
Exhibits Committee, Research Exhibits Shackelford Walter Lockheed-Martin Information Technology
Exhibits Contractor, Exhibits Mgmt. Weil Mike Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Exhibits Contractor, Exhibits Mgmt. Graller Paul Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Exhibits Contractor, Decorating Monihan Daryl  
Networking Chair Rogers Jim Torch Technologies
Networking Vice Chair Fisher Chuck Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Networking Vice Chair Mauth Jeff Padific Northwest National Laboratory
Networking Committee Winkler Linda Argonne National Laboratory
Networking Committee Sobieski Jerry MAX
Networking Committee Wheeler Dave NCSA
Networking Committee Zekauskas Matt  
Networking Committee Dugan Jon NCSA
Networking Committee Nickless Bill Argonne National Laboratory
Technical Program Co-Chair Koelbel Charles Rice University
Technical Program Co-Chair Horner-Miller Barbara Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Technical Program Committee, Papers Chair Rover Diane Iowa State University
Technical Program Committee, Papers Vice-Chair Miller Barton P. University of Wisconsin - Madison
Technical Program Committee, Tutorials Chair Wasserman Harvey Los Alamos National Laboratory
Technical Program Committee, Tutorials Vice-Chair Bunde Mary Kay Etnus, Inc.
Technical Program Committee, SC Global Chair Teig von Hoffman Jennifer Boston University
Technical Program Committee, Awards Lead Johnson Frederick C. Dept. of Energy
Technical Program Committee, Invited Speakers Lead Berman Fran Univ. of Calif., San Diego
Technical Program Committee, Assistant to Invited Speakers Lead Majors Audrey San Diego Supercomputer Center
Technical Program Committee, Invited Speakers Vice-Lead Casanova Henri Univ. of Calif., San Diego
Technical Program Committee, HPC Challenge Co-Chair Cuicchi Christine E. NAVOCEANO/DoD MSRC
Technical Program Committee, HPC Challenge Co-Chair Nandkumar Radha NCSA
Technical Program Committee, Masterworks Co-Chair Sopka John Sun Microsystems Inc.
Technical Program Committee, Masterworks Co-Chair Clayton Beverly Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center
Technical Program Committee, Panels Chair Borchers Robert Maui High Performance Computing Center
Technical Program Committee, Panels Vice Chair Morton David Maui High Performance Computing Center
Technical Program Committee, BOFs Lead Curfman McInnes Lois Argonne National Laboratory
Technical Program Committee, BOFs Vice-Lead Jenkins Lea Clemson University
Technical Program Committee, Posters Co-Lead Karavanic Karen Portland State University
Technical Program Committee, Posters Co-Lead Hribar Michelle Pacific University
Technical Program Committee, Proceedings Lead Lora Doug Los Alamos National Laboratory
Technical Program Committee, Workshops Lead Zosel Mary ASCI / ICS Office
Technical Program, Web Submissions Contractor Konkle John Linklings
Education Chair Lathrop Scott NCSA
Education Vice Chair Clark Allison NCSA
Education Deputy Chair Williams-Green Joyce Winston Salem State University
Education Committee, Undergraduate Teams Leader Panoff Bob Shodor Education Foundation
Education Committee, Teacher Prep. Team Co-Leader Bievenue Lisa NCSA
Education Committee, Teacher Prep. Team Co-Leader Gentry Edna University of Alabama, Huntsville
Education Committee, Technology Leader Campbell John Purdue University
Education Committee, International Site Leader Nandkumar Radha NCSA
Education Committee, Research Round Table Leader Hurley John Clark Atlanta University
Education Committee, Local Arrangments Co-Leader Ragan Susan Maryland Virtual High School
Education Committee, Social Arrangements Leader Wiziecki Edee NCSA
Education Committee, Student Volunteers Leader Sirois Michael Rice University
Education Committee, Budget Leader Kobel Patty NCSA
Education Committee, Education Office Leader Shore Shirley NCSA
Education Committee, Mentoring Leader Steckler Rozeanne SDSC
Education Committee, Fund Raiser Leader Green Karen NCSA
MSI Chair McLean Stephenie NCSA
MSI Co-Chair Linster Michelle Winston-Salem State University
Communications Chair Bashor Jon Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Communications Vice-Chair Kelley Kathryn Ohio Supercomputer Center
Communications Committee/Media relations Green Karen NCSA
Communications Committee/Utility infielder Garritano Tom Argonne Nat'l Lab, Math & Computer Science Division
Communications Committee/Media room Veronico Nicholas NAS Publications and Media Group
Communications Committee/SCinet, SCGlobal liaison Kucera Barbara NCSA
Communications Committee/Media relations Riley Betsy Oak Ridge National Lab
Communications Committee Specchio Stephanie Cornell Theory Center
Communications Committee Hirschfeld Bob LLNL
Communications Contractor (Graphic, Web design) McGraw Kate Shawver Associates
Communications Contractor Mataya Julie Shawver Associates
Infrastructure Chair Baylis Tony NCSA
Infrastructure Vice-Chair Fossum Barbara NSF
Infrastructure Committee, Registration Petersen Heidi  
Infrastructure Contractor, Local Arrangements Amiot Mary Northstar Event Management, Inc
Infrastructure Contractor, Houisng Huszar Debbie Task Handlers, Inc
Infrastructure Contractor, Catering Hull Jan  
Infrastructure Contractor, Registration Dozier Bruce J. Spargo & Assoc.
Infrastructure, Conference Office Turnbeaugh


Infrastructure, Conference Office Edwards Candy NCSA
Infrastructure, Conference Office Borchers Bridget  
Infrastructure, Web Documentation Fein
Infrastructure, Web Documentation Tolbert Nathan  
Infrastructure, Signage Loftis Bruce NCSA
Infrastructure, Signage Ferguson Jim NCSA
Infrastructure, AV Sills Eric NCSC
Infrastructure, Electrical New Gary NCAR
Infrastructure, PC Rentals Gatchell Doug NSF
Infrastructure, E-mail Drake
Sun Microsystems
Infrastructure, E-mail Merchant Bill  
Infrastructure, Store and Merchandise Bianchini-Gunn Michele LLNL
Infrastructure, Registration Peterson Heidi LLNL
Infrastructure, On-site Space Coordinators



Infrastructure, On-site Space Coordinators Fresquez Corinne LANL
Infrastructure Contractor, Store Watson Donna Lynn Spargo & Associates
Infrastructure Contractor, Registration Account Manager Dunne Susan Spargo & Associates
Security TBD    
Gordon Bell Committee, Chair Gropp William Argonne National Laboratory
Gordon Bell Committee Bailey David Lawrence Berkeley national
Gordon Bell Committee Demmel James Berkeley
Gordon Bell Committee Keyes David Columbia University
Masterworks Committee Buzbee Bill Buzbee Enterprises, LLC
Masterworks Committee Mattson Tim Intel
Masterworks Committee Paden Raymond IBM
SC Global Committee, Deputy Chair Kern Jackie NCSA, US
SC Global Committee, General Producer Carpenter Jeff NCSA
SC Global Committee, Technical Director Daw Michael University of Manchester
SC Global Committee, Node Manager Miller Jim inSORS
SC Global Committee, Networking Manager Gauthier Eric Boston University
SC Global Committee, Networking Specialist Robson Michael University of Manchester
SC Global Committee, Floor Manager Schwab Jeffrey Purdue University
SC Global Committee, Recording Specialist Tyman Jonathan Internet 2, US
SC Global Committee, Remote Sites Manager Sczimarowsky Martin Forschungszentrum Juelich
SC Global Committee, Outreach Specialist McLean Stephenie NCSA
SC Global Committee, Outreach Specialist, Asia/Pacific Shudo Kazuyuki National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
SC Global Committee, Volunteer Liaison Kucera Barbara NCSA
SC Global Committee, Evaluation Specialist Linster-Glenn Michelle Winston-Salem State University
SC Global Committee, AG Development Liason Judson Ivan Argonne National Laboratory
SC Global Committee, At Large Booth Stephen University of Edinburgh
SC Global Committee, Archivist Mullen Julie WPI
SC Global Committee, At Large Disz Terry Argonne National Lab
SC Global Committee, At Large Gazula Vikram University of Kentucky
SC Global Committee, At Large Goddard Greg University of Florida
SC Global Committee, At Large Olson Bob Argonne National Lab
SC Global Committee, At Large Osland Chris CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
SC Global Committee, At Large Winkler Linda Argonne National Lab
Deputy Tutorials Chair Johnson Fred DOE
Tutorials Committee Bramley Randy Indiana University
Tutorials Committee Hiraki Kei University of Tokyo
Tutorials Committee Jurrus Elizabeth Pacific Northwest National Lab
Tutorials Committee Katz Daniel S. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Kendall Ricky Ames Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Loftis Bruce NCSA
Tutorials Committee Lund Craig Mercury Computers, Inc.
Tutorials Committee Madhyastha Tara UC Santa Cruz
Tutorials Committee Meltz Bertrand CEA, France
Tutorials Committee Oldehoeft Rod Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Ryu Kyung Arizona State University
Tutorials Committee Saltz Joel Ohio State University
Tutorials Committee Schopf Jennifer Argonne National Lab
Tutorials Committee Schraml Stephen U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Smith Lauren National Security Agency
Tutorials Committee Toole Timothy Sandia National Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Turner John Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Worley Patrick Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Tutorials Committee Wyckoff Peter Ohio Supercomputer Center
Tutorials Committee Zhang Xiaodong National Science Foundation
Posters Committee Faber Ted University of Southern California
Posters Committee Chiang Suhui Portland State University
Posters Committee Hribar Mary Beth Cray, Inc.
Posters Committee Sarin Vivek Texas A&M University
Posters Committee Smith Warren NASA Ames Research Center
Technical Papers App Chair Aluru Srinivas Iowa State
Technical Papers App Chair Baden Scott UCSD
Technical Papers Arch Chair Chervenak Ann USC ISI
Technical Papers Arch Chair Torrellas Josep UIUC
Technical Papers SW Chair Kraemer Eileen Univ Georgia
Technical Papers SW Chair Feo John Sun
Technical Papers Perf Chair Hoisie Adolfy LANL
Technical Papers Perf Chair Malony Allen Univ Oregon
Technical Papers DC Chair Mutka Matt Michigan State
Technical Papers DC Chair Wismüller Roland TU Munich
Technical Papers Committee Aydt Ruth NCSA
Technical Papers Committee Bader David A. U New Mexico
Technical Papers Committee Barrett Richard LANL
Technical Papers Committee Bode Brett Ames Laboratory
Technical Papers Committee Carter Larry UCSD
Technical Papers Committee Casanova Henri UCSD
Technical Papers Committee Castanos Jose IBM
Technical Papers Committee Chame Jacqueline USC
Technical Papers Committee Chien Andrew UCSD
Technical Papers Committee Chrisochoides Nikos William & Mary
Technical Papers Committee Cruz-Neira Carolina ISU
Technical Papers Committee DeRose Luiz IBM
Technical Papers Committee Deelman Ewa USC
Technical Papers Committee Dikaiakos Marios U Cyprus
Technical Papers Committee Dinda Peter Northwestern
Technical Papers Committee Eades Robert IBM
Technical Papers Committee Fahringer Thomas U Innsbruck
Technical Papers Committee Gentzsch Wolfgang Sun
Technical Papers Committee Gerndt Michael TU Munich
Technical Papers Committee Getov Vladimir U Westminster
Technical Papers Committee Gustafson John Sun
Technical Papers Committee Hammond Steve NREL
Technical Papers Committee Horner Jack LANL
Technical Papers Committee Itzkowitz Marty Sun
Technical Papers Committee Johnsson Lennart U Houston
Technical Papers Committee Kerbyson Darren LANL
Technical Papers Committee Kogge Peter Notre Dame
Technical Papers Committee Kohn Scott LLNL
Technical Papers Committee Krintz Chandra UCSB
Technical Papers Committee Lin Xiaola CU Hong Kong
Technical Papers Committee Matsuoka Satoshi Tokyo Institute of Tech.
Technical Papers Committee Mohr Bernd Research Centre Juelich
Technical Papers Committee Moore Shirley U Tenn
Technical Papers Committee Moreira Jose IBM
Technical Papers Committee Munoz Jose DOE
Technical Papers Committee Panda Dhabaleswar Ohio State
Technical Papers Committee Raghavan Padma Penn State
Technical Papers Committee Rodriguez Domingo U Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Technical Papers Committee Sakellariou Rizos U Manchester
Technical Papers Committee Singhal Mukesh U Kentucky
Technical Papers Committee Snavely Allan UCSD
Technical Papers Committee Sun Xian-He IIT
Technical Papers Committee Sussman Alan U Maryland
Technical Papers Committee Thomas Mary U Texas - Austin
Technical Papers Committee Traeff Jesper Larsson NEC Europe
Technical Papers Committee Trefethen Anne UK e-Science
Technical Papers Committee Vetter Jeffrey LLNL
Technical Papers Committee Ward Bill Computer Sciences Corp.
Technical Papers Committee Wendelborn Andrew U Adelaide
Technical Papers Committee White James (Trey) ORNL
Technical Papers Committee Wolf Felix U Tennessee
Technical Papers Committee Wolski Rich UCSB
Technical Papers Committee Yang Tao UCSB
Technical Papers Committee Yelick Kathy UC-Berkeley
Technical Papers Committee Zhang Xiaodong NSF
Technical Papers Committee von Laszewski Gregor ANL
Student Volunteers Co-Chair Lenear Phoebe E. NCSA
Student Volunteers Co-Chair Sheehan Jerry Purdue University
Student Volunteers Olson Judy NCSA
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Bernhardt Mike Bernhardt Agency, Inc.
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Wolff Steve CISCO
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Roder Ellen Cray Inc.
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Funk George Dell
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Joachims Steven HP
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Turkel Ed HP
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Tabor Tom HPCwire
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Paden Ray IBM
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Goldfarb Debra IDC
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Ramey Dave Intel
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Alternate Intel Intel
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Passarelli Ben SGI
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Perrenod Steve Sun
2003 Industrial Advisory Committee Brueckner Rich IBM
Steering Committee Baglio Donna ACM
Steering Committee,
Rep. Nov-04
Burger Doug ACM - SIGARCH
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-05
Clayton Beverly  
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-03
Foster Ian  
Steering Committee,
Rep. Nov-04
Gaudiot Jean-Luc IEEE-CS
Steering Committee,
2002 Chair Nov-03
Giles Roscoe  
Steering Committee,
2004 Chair Nov-05
Huskamp Jeff  
Steering Committee,
2003 Chair Nov-04
McGraw Jim  
Steering Committee,
Michael George  
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-05
Rabe Ty  
Steering Committee Kelly Ann Marie IEEE-CS
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-03
Reed Dan  
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-04
Reynders John  
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-04
Taylor Valerie  
Steering Committee,
Elected Nov-06
Crawford Dona  
Steering Committee,
2006 Chair Nov-06
Horner-Miller Barbara  
Steering Committee,
2005 Chair Nov-06
Kramer Bill  


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