Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

About SC

SC2003 continues the 15-year Supercomputing Conference tradition of highlighting the most innovative developments in high-performance computing and networking. Bringing together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers, SC2003 in Phoenix will demonstrate how these developments are sparking new ideas and new industries, as well as rekindling older ones. The conference features the latest scientific and technical innovations from around the world, while its SC Global events will showcase achievements in the arts and sciences among dozens of remote locations.

SC2003 will feature presentations and exhibits of the latest technological developments in fields such as information architectures, data storage, analysis and visualization, optical networking, scalable computing, scientific applications and distributed systems. SC Global, which debuted at SC2001, will return to provide interactive access to audiences around the world. New in 2003 will be the tight integration of SC Global and the on-site SC program, allowing both more input to SC from remote sites and a wider distribution of presentations from the conference.

Plan now to be a part of SC2003 and its program of trailblazing technical papers, timely tutorials, invited speakers, up-to-the-minute research posters, and provocative birds-of-a-feather sessions. Exhibits from industry, academia, and government research organizations will demonstrate the latest innovations in computing and networking technology. The SC Global Showcase will offer a glimpse of how these capabilities can ignite imaginations in non-traditional fields. SC2003 promises to be the most exciting, innovative, hottest conference yet!