The SC2003 technical program includes ten panels for presenting and discussing diverse points of view on timely topics. This includes one panel held in conjunction with SC Global, enabling worldwide participation. Panels are designed to allow audience participation in the discussion and to allow the audience to ask questions as well as hear the opinions of experts in the field.

All Friday morning panels are open to ALL SC03 registered attendees, exhibitors as well as technical program registrants. We sincerely hope that many of you who are not registered for the technical program will stay the extra day to participate in these panel discussions.

Panelists for the selected panels include high-ranking government officials, industry leaders and academics who are leaders in their fields. The panels not only address the current, state-of-the-art practices and technology but also project future trends going out to 2010 and beyond. Topics of discussion include HPC architecture, networking, benchmarking, government policies and open source software.

A few questions to be addressed by this year’s panelists include

  • How will network infrastructure change to tackle the data tsunami that is coming this decade?
  • What metrics should be used to define and measure High End Computing performance and what are the implications for computer designers and users?
  • What are the High End Computer Revitalization Task Force (HECRTF) results to date; how did it gather data; how do academia and industry view of the study?
  • What are the best practices and lessons learned to date by the Open Source Software community?
  • What is the long-term potential of the current crop of leading HPC architectures?

Robert Borchers, SC2003 Panels Chair
David Morton, SC2003 Panels Vice-Chair

Panels Schedule
Date   Start Time End Time Rm # Session:  



11/19   1:30PM 3:00PM 6-10 Where Should the Access Grid Go After Version 2.x?
Joyce F. Williams-Green (Winston-Salem State University), Ian Foster (Argonne National Laboratory), Daniel A. Reed (NCSA/Alliance), Ulrich Lang (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) )



11/19   3:30PM 5:00PM 40-41 SuperNetworking Transforming Supercomputing
Chair: Steven J. Wallach (Chiaro Networks); Panelists: Daniel J. Blumenthal (University of California, Santa Barbara), Andrew A. Chien (University of California, San Diego), Jason Leigh (University of Illinois at Chicago), Larry Smarr (University of California, San Diego), Rick L. Stevens (Argonne National Laboratory/University of Chicago)



11/20   3:30PM 5:00PM 42-43 High Performance Computing System Performance Modeling
Chair: Larry Davis (DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program); Panelists: Allan Snavely (SDSC), Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee), Walt Brooks (NASA Ames), Adolfy Hoisie (DOE), Henry Newman (Instrumental), John McCalpin (IBM)



11/20   3:30PM 5:00PM 40-41 Strategies for Application-Empowered Networks
Chair: Maxine D. Brown (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA); Panelists:Thomas A. DeFanti (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), Larry Landweber (National Science Foundation, USA), Kees Neggers (SURFnet, The Netherlands), Harvey B. Newman (Caltech, USA), Bill St. Arnaud (CANARIE, Canada)



11/21   8:30AM 10:00AM 36-37 Battle of the Network Stars!
Chair: Wu Feng (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Panelists: Fabrizio Petrini (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State University), Jeffrey S. Chase (Duke University), Bradley Booth (Intel Corporation), Jim Pinkerton (Microsoft), Anthony Skjellum (MPI Software Technology)



11/21   8:30AM 10:00AM 38-39 HPC Productivity
Chair: Jeremy Kepner (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Panelists: Charles Koelbel (Rice University), David Kuck (Intel), Mark Snir (University of Illinois), Thomas Sterling (CalTech/NASA JPL), Bob Numrich (University of Minnesota), John Gustafson (Sun)



11/21   8:30AM 10:00AM 40-41 The High End Computing Revitalization Task Force
Chair: David B. Nelson (National Coordination Office for Information Technology Research and Development (NCO/ITR&D) ); Panelists: John Grosh (General Engineer, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology), Alan Laub (SciDAC Director, DOE Office of Science ), Daniel A. Reed (NCSA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ), Doug Ball (Manager, Enabling Technology and Research, Boeing Company)



11/21   10:30AM 12:00PM 36-37 Goldilocks and the Four Bears Revisited: HPC Architecture Directions
Chair: David Morton (MHPCC); Panelists: Steve Scott (Cray Inc.), Rob Pennington (NCSA), Bill Pulleyblank (IBM), H. Edward Seidel (Louisiana State University and Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik)



11/21   10:30AM 12:00PM 40-41 Open Source Software Policy Issues for High Performance Computing
Chair: Rod Oldehoeft (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Panelists: Paul Gottlieb (DOE), Terry Bollinger (MITRE), Tony Stanco (The Center of Open Source and Government), Tim Witham (Open Source Development Lab), Dennis Gannon (Indiana University), Todd Needham (Microsoft Research)



11/21   10:30AM 12:00PM 38-39 The Simplification of Supercomputing: Clustering, Appliances and Grid Computing
Chair: Bill Blake (SVP of Product Development, Netezza Corp.); Panelists: Marshall Peterson (CTO of the J. Craig Venter Science Foundation), Steve Oberlin (Founder and CEO of Unlimted Scale), Dr. Andrew Grimshaw (Founder and CTO of Avaki), Mark Seager (Assistant Department Head for Terascale Systems, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Russ Miller (Director for the Center of Computational Research at SUNY-Buffalo)