Session: TOP500 Supercomputers
  Chair: Erich Strohmaier (LBNL)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 5:00PM - 6:00PM
  Rm #: 36-37
  Erich Strohmaier (LBNL), Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee), Hans Meurer (Prometeus), Horst Simon (LBNL)
  Now in its 11th year, the twice-yearly TOP500 list of supercomputers serves as a "Who's Who" in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC). The TOP500 list was started in 1993 as a project to compile and publish a list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world twice a year. But it is more than just a ranking system and serves as major source of information to analyze trends in HPC. The 22nd TOP500 list will be published in November 2003 just in time for SC2003.

In this BoF various experts will present detailed analyses of the TOP500 and discuss the changes in the HPC marketplace during the past years. This includes updates on various benchmark initiatives. Special focus areas of this year╠s TOP500 BoF will be on single application areas and market segments, as well as on benchmarking initiatives. The BoF will also give background information and explanation about the TOP500 project itself and is also meant as an open forum for discussion and feedback between the TOP500 authors and the user community.
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