Session: Converging Applications Demands on Cabling
  Chair: Carrie Higbie (The Siemon Company)
  Time: Wednesday, November 19, 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  Rm #: 42-43
  Carrie Higbie (The Siemon Company)
  Cabling plants and infrastructure have historically been a portion of the network that can be "forgotten" once installed. However, today's networks have grown out of need rather than planning. Even the best cable plants can be hindered by out-of-spec installations, terminations and equipment. With the new demands being placed on networks due to convergence, SANs, etc., now is the time to proactively examine your infrastructure, upgrade where necessary, and/or replace to assure that your electronics investments are protected.

This session will cover various means for inspecting cabling systems, including physical inspections, software applications to assist, how problems in throughput translate to loss of performance and other key topics. This will empower traditionally network personnel to work in better harmony with telecommunications counterparts. It will also help telecommunications personnel to understand the impact that these new systems will have on their existing or new cable plants and provide them with tools for bandwidth and capacity planning.

We will also discuss new last mile technologies and how they contribute to demands within the LAN/MAN.
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