Session: Exploiting Synergy: Acquiring, Computing, Managing and Visualizing Data on the Grid
  Chair: Fabrizio Magugliani (Silicon Graphics, Inc)
  Time: Thursday, November 20, 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  Rm #: 16-18
  Fabrizio Magugliani (Silicon Graphics, Inc)
  Grid Computing that only tries to maximize the spare cycles of edge computers will be a limited thing, indeed. The potential of Grid Computing is far beyond what is available on a network. Grid Computing carries the potential to provide researchers with seamless access to the largest systems, to instruments in remote locations, to massive data, to visual super computers. And that access will be from the researcherĖs chosen environment where the researcher is located, avoiding lengthy trips.

As a recognized leader in high-performance computing, storage and visualization, SGI has been involved in grid computing from the very beginning. SGI computer systems, visualization systems, storage systems, networking technologies, and software provide unique capabilities for grid computing. SGI offers the largest available Single System Image, shared-memory supercomputers with proven scalability to tackle the most intractable capability problems. Since grids maximize the utilization of computing resources, their potential to generate new data and consume storage is very high, making storage capacity and storage management critical issues. SGI extended the functionality of CXFS, the first 64-bit shared filesystem for the SAN, by providing the first high-performance shared filesystem for WAN computing - ensuring fast data access to the same files and filesystems from grid systems thousands of miles apart. Simulation and visualization are critical tools for the understanding of difficult problems in science and engineering. As a recognized leader in advanced visualization, SGI is continually exploring new ways to bring the benefits of visualization to the widest possible audience. With OpenGL Vizserver, SGI now has the capability to deliver the visualization power of advanced SGI(R) Onyx(R) family systems to client systems anywhere on the grid.

The BOF will present how significant customers have leveraged the natural synergies of these features to realize the full potential of Grid Computing.
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