Session: The Community Scheduler Framework: Enabling Metascheduling on The Grid
  Chair: Ian Lumb (Platform Computing Corporation)
  Time: Wednesday, November 19, 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  Rm #: 19-20
  Chris Smith (Platform Computing), Sara Murphy (HP), Ashok Adiga (TACC), Alain Andrieux (Globus Alliance), Karl Czajkowski (Globus Alliance)
  The Community Scheduler Framework (CSF) provides comprehensive and standards-based metascheduling services for The Grid. Participants in this BoF session will be introduced to both the standards (OGSI-Agreement) and the technology behind CSF from members of The Globus Project and Platform Computing. Also, the developers of The Grid Portal Toolkit (GridPort) will discuss how CSF is figuring into their refactoring of their portal technology under OGSA. Finally, participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts on CSF, and how it might figure in their own Grid projects.
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