Session: .NET and Grids/HPC
  Chair: Marty Humphrey (University of Virginia)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 5:00PM - 6:00PM
  Rm #: 42-43
  Marty Humphrey (University of Virginia)
  Microsoft is actively promoting .NET as a standard platform for supporting a wide variety of services and applications. Given the increasing reliance of HPC and Grid activities on commodity systems, and the near certain ubiquity of .NET in the future, it is important that .NET technologies be evaluated relative to the needs of the HPC and the Grid. The purpose of this BoF is to gauge community interest in .NET as a platform for high-performance and Grid computing and to initiate the process of creating an on-going discussion and development of .NET as it relates in particular to these communities.

This year's BOF follows-up on the initial, successful BOF held at SC2002, which largely focused on HPC. At this year's BOF, we are broadening the scope to more equally focus on HPC and the Grid. Specifically, updates of HPC.NET (Indiana University), OGSI.NET (University of Virginia), and other related activities will be given. Both producers and consumers of all things .NET and HPC/Grid are strongly encouraged to attend!
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