Session: Unicore - Access Applications on the GRID
  Chair: Daniel Mallmann (Research Centre Juelich)
  Time: Thursday, November 20, 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  Rm #: 40-41
  Daniel Mallmann (Research Center Juelich), Hans-Christian Hoppe (Intel GmbH Software and Solutions Group, Germany), Guillaume Alleon (GIE EADS CCR High Performance Computing Group, France)
  Computational GRIDs are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of future high-performance computing research and infrastructure. In the world-wide computer science research community, the benefits of GRID technology have been amply demonstrated, and GRID systems are beginning to be phased into daily use at universities and research centres. However, the uptake of GRID technology in the broad community of scientists that depend on computational simulation techniques for their work has yet to happen, and industrial end-users are lagging even farther behind.

The Unicore Grid infrastructure provides a vertical integrated Grid solution for scientific and industrial applications. It makes resources available in a seamless and secure way through an Intranet or the Internet. Strong authentication is performed in a consistent and transparent manner, and the differences between platforms and centres are hidden from the user. Unicore creates a seamless portal for defining workflows, submitting them to computing resources, and monitoring their progress. Application specific interfaces can be easily integrated. These interfaces already exist for a number of major applications, including most popular quantum chemistry, molecular modelling, fluid dynamics and weather forecasting codes.

The BOF addresses scientists and users that want to know how they could benefit from the latest development in Grid applications and application programmers who want to make their applications accessible on the Grid.

We will demonstrate the access to applications on the Grid through the existing interfaces in the areas of bio molecular chemistry, meteorology and coupled physical simulations and we will guide application programmers in creating application focused interfaces with the Unicore framework. Moreover we will present the latest technological achievements from the projects EUROGRID and GRIP granted by the European Commission. These projects are also presented on the SC2003 show floor.
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