Session: Safety in Numbers: Linux Clustering
  Chair: Matthew O'Keefe (Sistina Software, Inc.)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  Rm #: 42-43
  Matthew O'Keefe (Sistina Software, Inc.), Robert Hibbard (Red Hat), Pierre Lagier (Fujitsu), Scott Farrand (RLX), Ian Lumb (Platform), Moshe Bar (Qlusters), Tony Katz (NuTec Energy), Emy Revard (Argonne), and a representative from Hewlett-Packard.
  One of the most prominent displays of Linux to date has been in a new generation of clustered computers, which tie together thousands of nodes into powerful computing systems--at a fraction of the cost of traditional, supercomputer systems.

For this BOF, we propose several vendors, including Sistina Software. Sistina created the first Global File System on Linux--the storage infrastructure software that makes it possible for thousands of systems to transparently share information. Sistina is at the heart of many Linux-based high performance computing clusters, including a high-profile implementation at FermiLab , a massive clustered system that is literally mapping the Milky Way Galaxy. Sistina's data-sharing software is the central nervous system behind additional multiple powerful, Linux-based clusters and storage area networks (SANs), including Deutsche Telekom, InfoSpace, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

In addition, a recent TowerGroup report says, "Linux clustering is one of the most popular ways to deploy the Linux operating system and it provides the same redundancy and fail-over as supercomputers at a fraction of their price." As a result, many deployments, ranging from bio-informantics to trading analysis and hedge-fund computations, are turning up. Whether it is a pharmaceutical breakthrough or a financial services offering, many of these organizations can now develop and market their own products faster, simply by deploying a Linux clustering supercomputing solution.

Other vendors for the panel might include companies such as Dell, HP or SuSE - all of whom are involved in clustered Linux implementations built around Sistina's data-sharing software. This session will be led by Matthew O'Keefe, Ph. D., founder and chief technology officer, Sistina Software, Inc.
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