Session: Bandwidth Challenge Presentations
  Chair: Kevin Walsh (SDSC) and Greg Goddard (University of Florida)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 10:30AM - 12:00PM
  Rm #: 40-41
  Kevin Walsh (SDSC) and Greg Goddard (University of Florida)
  All SC2003 attendees are encouraged to attend a technical session that will present a history of the Bandwidh Challenge, and detail the science and methodology behind winning entries from previous years. Attendees will also be treated to a preview of what to expect from contestants at SC2003.

SCinet and Qwest Communications sponsored the first Bandwidth Challenge at SC2000, where the winner was LBL, with a peak bandwidth of just over 1.7 gigabits per second. At SC2002, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory captured the competition for the "Highest Performing Application" with a wide area distributed simulation using Cactus, Globus and Visapult software demonstrating a peak data transfer rate of of 16.8 gigabits per second. With the successive growth of bandwidth each year, the Bandwidth Challenge at SC2003 will be incredible!

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