Session: First Advanced Topics Workshop on Desktop Grids (DGRID'03)
  Chair: Andrew Chien (UCSD) and Michela Taufer (TSRI, UCSD)
  Time: Monday, November 17, 1:30PM - 6:00PM
  Rm #: Hyatt Regency Phoenix
  Workshop Organizers: Andrew Chien (UCSD), Michela Taufer (TSRI, UCSD)
  Desktop grid computing, exploiting unused resources in the Intranet environments and across the Internet, can deliver massive compute power to investigate complex and demanding problems in a variety of different scientific fields. Examples of such problems are understanding protein folding or predicting financial market fluctuations.

Building robust, secure and scalable desktop grid environments for computationally demanding applications requires a combined effort of researchers in both system engineering and application development communities, and raises new conceptual and practical challenges.

This advanced topics workshop is a forum for the discussion and presentation of recent advances and major challenges for desktop grid computing to reach higher levels of capability. The workshop goal is to bring together application scientists and desktop grid system researchers to assess the current state-of-the-art, identify major needs and opportunities, and to exchange ideas and chart future directions.

The workshop features invited talks from reputed researchers in the field of desktop grid computing and comprises two major sections: (1) application requirements for desktop grids and (2) frontiers of desktop grid systems. Each section will be followed by a discussion in which the participants will be able to directly ask the speakers questions, raise issues, or even provide the other participants with information.

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