Session: 5th International APART Workshop on Automatic Performance Analysis
  Chair: Michael Gerndt (Technical University Munich)
  Time: Friday, November 21, 8:30AM - 3:30PM
  Rm #: 42-43
  Workshop Organizer: Michael Gerndt (Technical University Munich)
  The 5th APART Workshop is being held in conjunction with SC 03 in Phoenix. It is organized by the European Working Group on Automatic Performance Analysis: Real Tools (APART). The workshop gives an overview of major topics in APART and of new research results of APART partners and collaborators.

Session 1: The first session will give an introduction to the APART Specification Language (ASL) for specifying typical performance properties, the APART Test Suite (ATS) for evaluating automatic performance analysis tools, and the Standardized Intermediate Program Representation (SIR) supporting source code-related performance analysis tools. Speakers are Michael Gerndt (Technical University of Muniich), Bernd Mohr (Research Centre Juelich), and Thomas Fahringer (University of Innsbruck).

Session 2: The second session will give an overview of the current research of our American APART partners at University of Wisconsin-Madison (Phil Roth), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Dan Reed), and University of Oregon (Al Malony).

Session 3: The third and last session will focus on new performance analysis and tuning tools. Invited speakers of the last session are Jeff Vetter (LLNL), Jeff Hollingsworth (University of Maryland), John Mellor-Crummy (Rice University), and Felix Wolf (University of Tennessee).

Additional program information, as well as schedule, titles of talks and abstracts may be found at APART Workshop .
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