Session: Keynote Talk
  Title: Beyond Computing: The Search for Creativity
  Chair: Donna Cox (NCSA)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 9:00AM - 10:00AM
  Rm #: Ballroom
  Donna Cox (NCSA)
  Modern computing arose from the interplay of science, engineering and defense needs and hardware and software technology advances. Computational science began, like most science, as a small and localized group activity. These islands of research are increasingly connected –the truly grand challenges require the skills of multidisciplinary groups, often internationally distributed, working collaboratively as global renaissance teams. Transformative collaborative, networked technologies, coupled with high-end computing and large-scale data archives, enable success through enhanced human interaction, community building, collective problem solving and innovation.

Recent studies on human innovation span the sciences and humanities, and they point to a paradigm shift in the way that we think about creativity, they demonstrate the power of understanding one knowledge domain in terms of another, and they reveal the contingencies of our perspectives. Fresh perspectives result from cross domain interactions through common themes.

These common technological themes across the sciences and humanities include high performance data collection, retrieval and integration, text and image data mining, software fusion, visualization, collaborative tools and human computer interfaces. Enlarging the scope of high performance computing to include a broad range of disciplines will enrich discovery and expand the applications of computing technology.

Both creativity and courage will be necessary to address the really big questions: understanding the matter and structure of our universe; modeling life and its complex processes; and enriching the human condition. From mapping the cosmos to mapping the brain; from interactive sensor databases to real time severe weather prediction; from bioinformatics to situational awareness, \"Thinking out of the Box\" requires interdisciplinary, diverse, and global interactions. How we enable these creative practices will shape the future of our HPC community.
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