Session: State of the Field: Sensor Networks
  Title: State of the Field: Networking the Physical World
  Chair: David Culler (University of California Berkeley)
  Time: Wednesday, November 19, 9:15AM - 10:00AM
  Rm #: Ballroom
  David E. Culler (University of California Berkeley)
  The SuperComputing conference ushered in computational simulation as the third pillar of science and, in its SCxy form, rode the wave of the killer micro. We are now seeing the emergence of a new interplay of science and computing technology. The sustained, dramatic advance of CMOS has made it possible to construct complete computing systems with processing, storage, sensing, and communication in a tiny volume at very low cost. Like the microscope, telescope, and computer, this technology will allow scientists and engineers to perceive what was previously invisible; in this case through deployment of dense networks of these sensors in the physical world. We decribe the emerging technology of sensor networks at several levels, including platform architecture, operating system design, self-organizing networks, sensor data processing, and programming environments. We will explore how it opens new avenues for computer networking to advance the scientific endeavor.
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