Session: Canceled due to illness State of the Field: Computational Biomedicine
  Title: State of the Field: Computational Paradigms for Integrative Approaches to Genomic Medicine Canceled due to illness
  Chair: Jill Mesirov (Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research)
  Time: Thursday, November 20, 8:30AM - 9:15AM
  Rm #: Ballroom
  Jill P. Mesirov (Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research)
  Important Note! Jill Mesirov is unable to give this talk due to illness. The SC2003 Technical Program Committee apologizes to attendees for any inconvenience, and wishes Jill a speedy recovery.

The completion of the human genome sequencing project, coupled with the ever increasing scale and throughput of biological experimentation, has the potential to greatly accelerate progress in biomedicine. Discoveries in this new realm of “high-dimensionality biology” are dependent both upon sophisticated computation and the ability to unify the analytical approaches of a variety of disciplines. However, the lack of an integrated computational environment that can provide both easy access to a set of universal analytic tools, and support the development and dissemination of novel algorithmic approaches, has resulted in the pace of data acquisition greatly outstripping that of meaningful data analysis.

We will describe some of the challenging computational problems in biomedicine, the techniques we use to address them, and a software infrastructure to support this highly interdisciplinary field of research.
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