Session: Use of Collaborative Technologies: Artistic and Cultural Instincts
  Title: Informed use and development of collaborative technologies
  Chair: Elaine Lauerman (Internet2)
  Time: Wednesday, November 19, 3:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 6-10
  Kelli Dipple (University of Manchester), Andy Quay (University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute), Joella Walz (University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute), Keith Armstrong (Queensland University of Technology), Igneous (Queensland University of Technology)
  A distributed presentation / panel involving key speaker presentations and group discussion, remotely from University of Manchester, Queensland University of Technology, and University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute. Discussion will focus on research and workshop activities undertaken over Access Grid facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Manchester, Gainsville and Amsterdam, throughout 2002 - 2003. In Pheonix, audiences will have a screen based experience of the discussion with distributed video documentation and website.

Discussion topics: Informed use and development of collaborative technologies

1. The breadth of communication technologies available. Where does the Access Grid sit in relation to the larger context of available communication technologies. Parallel developments for realtime communication using hand held devices and wireless connectivity. The convergent evolution and hybrid systems.

2. Practice, development, form and presentation on the Access Grid. What are the limitations and expansions?

3. The consequences of distribution in juxtaposition to the advantages. Its impact on socialization, relational expectations and effective communication.

4. What does this mean for artists and for scientists? What kind of contribution do the arts have towards the development of scientific tools?

Documented research projects for presentation :

1. Navigating Gravity - distributed performance, multiple site scripting and access grid aesthetics, research and development project (Gainsville, Manchester and Sydney).

2. Telematics and networking performance workshops over the grid (Brisbane, Amsterdam, Sydney)

3. SC Global 02 / remote panel session on multiple site live events and comparative methodologies for simultaneous distributions (University of Manchester and University of Sydney Viz Lab)
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