Session: State of the Field: Networking
  Title: State of the Field: Is There Anything New on the Networking Horizon?
  Chair: Judy Estrin (Packet Design LLC)
  Time: Wednesday, November 19, 8:30AM - 9:15AM
  Rm #: Ballroom
  Judy Estrin (Packet Design LLC)
  Networking - first in the form of local-area networks and later the Internet and the World Wide Web - was the major driver behind technology industry growth during the past couple of decades. That the growth of networking has slowed dramatically is due not just to a weak economy, but also to the fact that we have over-capacity due to aggressive build out during the bubble and the overall IT infrastructure market has matured.But this does not mean that innovation in networking has ceased. Granted, the next several years will see slower growth driven by evolutionary - not revolutionary - innovation. But there is a great deal to be excited about in new markets such as mobile networking and voice over IP. It is time to innovate not just in speeds and feeds, but in ways to improve operational efficiency to better utilize and run the critical infrastructures that we have in place. Networking must also evolve to support new server trends such as clustering or SANs. Over the longer term we will see growth for networking as we move toward ubiquitous consumer connectivity, with always-on high bandwidth that will permit new forms of entertainment. Even further out, the connectivity of embedded devices into ad hoc networks used in a variety of applications.
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