Session: Quality of Experience in Advanced Collaborative Environments
  Chair: Brian Corrie (New Media Innovation Centre - Immersive Media Lab, Canada)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 3:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 6-10
  Brian Corrie (New Media Innovation Centre - Immersive Media Lab, Canada), Andrew Patrick (IIT/NRC - Mutual Media Lab, Canada)
  Today's digital media, interaction devices, and networking technologies have the opportunity to drastically alter the way people communicate and collaborate. Ubiquitous displays with advanced capabilities, combined with rich interaction methods, allow for extremely complex collaborative environments. In addition, modern networking allows us to have ad-hoc local communication between devices, wireless network connectivity, and very high-bandwidth, long-distance connectivity between remote sites. This combination of interaction and networking technologies allows us to connect interaction environments together in extremely complex ways.

The goal of an Advanced Collaborative Environment, however, is to bring together the right people and the right data at the right time in order to perform a complex task, solve problems, or simply discuss what is pressing at the time. It is not enough to be able to provide tools to users and hope that they use them effectively. It is through focusing on the individual and social needs of the users in the context of the collaboration task, that we will be able to adapt to the requirements of the situation and deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to each user in the environment, regardless of task, technology, or individual.

This Birds of a Feather session will bring together individuals interested in human factors to explore the human and social needs of advanced collaborative environments. A round table discussion will be held with all participants having a brief opportunity to discuss their interests in this area. The goal of this BOF is to form the beginnings of a human factors group within the Access Grid collaboration community.

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