Session: Igniting Innovation: Cultivating Diverse High End Users from Emerging Communities
  Chair: Stephenie McLean (NCSA)
  Time: Tuesday, November 18, 1:30PM - 3:00PM
  Rm #: 6-10
  Roscoe Giles (Boston University), Stephenie McLean (NCSA), Michelle Linster-Glenn (Winston-Salem State University)
  It is important that high performance networking and computing (HPNC) serve the interests of broader communities, especially underserved communities like minority communities in the US. This BOF brings together participants in SC from minority serving institutions, groups interested in the 'digital divide' at the level of the Grid, as well as other interested parties to discuss how to increase representation and participation of underserved peoples and communities in HPNC. The primary contact for this activity is Stephenie McLean, NCSA and Roscoe Giles, Boston University.

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