Session: M13: HPC and InfiniBand Architecture in Practice
  Title: M13: HPC and InfiniBand Architecture in Practice
  Chair: Lars E. Jonsson (Intel Americas, Inc)
  Time: Monday, November 17, 1:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 40
  Lars E Jonsson (Intel Americas, Inc.), Bill Magro (Intel Americas, Inc.)
  Content-Level: 70% Introductory 30% Intermediate 0% Advanced

Abstract: InfiniBand architecture (IBA) is an open standard interconnect architecture designed to meet the challenging I/O and inter-process messaging needs of clustered compute and data centers. IBA's native data rate of 1250 MByte/s in each direction leapfrogs most current interconnect technologies while still delivering the low latencies required by HPC applications. In the last year, a range of HPC-oriented InfiniBand products - host adapter cards, fat-tree topology switches, device drivers, and MPI implementations - have come to market, with initial deployments occurring in HPC centers worldwide. Now is the time for computer center managers and engineers to evaluate InfiniBand as an interconnect technology for future clusters.

This tutorial first introduces the InfiniBand architecture's key features and capabilities and then gives practical guidance about how to build and configure a cluster of (Linux) compute servers targeted to HPC users. In addition to an overview of InfiniBand architecture and products, we will cover a) hardware installation and configuration; b) switch topologies and associated routing and management software; c) user-level protocols and message passing interface (MPI) implementations; d) low-level and application-level performance results; and e) status of the open source InfiniBand Linux software infrastructure (
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