Session: M12: Power and Energy Conservation for Servers
  Title: M12: Power and Energy Conservation for Servers
  Chair: Michael Kistler (IBM)
  Time: Monday, November 17, 1:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 38
  Ricardo Bianchini (Rutgers University), Ram Rajamony (IBM), Michael Kistler (IBM)
  Content-Level: 30% Introductory 50% Intermediate 20% Advanced

Abstract: Power and energy consumption have recently become key concerns for high-performance servers, especially when they are deployed in large cluster configurations as in compute farms and data centers. In fact, it has been reported that power and energy account for a significant fraction of the operational cost of such clusters. Furthermore, computing nodes in densely packed cluster systems also often overheat, leading to intermittent failures. These problems are likely to worsen as newer server-class processors offer higher levels of performance at the expense of increased power consumption.

This tutorial will present an in-depth look at techniques for power and energy management in standalone servers, clustered servers, and storage servers. We will start by motivating the topic, discuss various direct and indirect methods for measuring power/energy consumption, appropriate metrics to use, and where power and energy are expended in servers today. Next, we will address mechanisms for power management and the characteristics of server workloads from a power/energy conservation viewpoint. Components of power and energy conservation policies will then be discussed, followed by the actual policies to use. An important component of the tutorial will be a discussion on practical techniques. We will conclude with a discussion of the future challenges in this area.
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