Session: 4th International Workshop on Grid Computing (Grid2003)
  Chair: Craig Lee (Aerospace Corp.)
  Time: Monday, November 17, 8:00AM - 6:15PM
  Rm #: Wyndham Phoenix Hotel - Navajo Room
  Steering Committee:Craig Lee (Aerospace Corp.), Heinz Stockinger (CERN), Mark Baker (University of Portsmouth, UK), Rajkumar Buyya (University of Melbourne, Australia), Manish Parashar (Rutgers University)
  In the last few years, the Grid community has been growing very rapidly and several new technologies have been proposed. This goes along with the growing popularity of the Internet and the availability of powerful computers and high-speed networks as low-cost commodity components, and is changing the way we do computing. Several proposals and publications have been generated, and several Grid projects with research and production oriented goals are ongoing.

Grid 2003 is an international meeting that brings together the Grid community of researchers, developers, practitioners, and users. The objective of Grid 2003 is to serve as a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange research ideas in this field. Grid 2003 partially follows the focus from last year but extends it to production Grids and international testbeds. Sessions of refereed presentations include:

Grid Infrastructure and Services
Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Policy and Security Management
Data Management
Testbeds and Applications
Information Systems
Work-in-Progress Papers

For more detailed information about the workshop, sessions, and speakers, see Grid 2003 Workshop .
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