Session: S15: Distributed and Collaborative Visualization
  Title: S15: Distributed and Collaborative Visualization
  Chair: Ken Brodlie (University of Leeds)
  Time: Sunday, November 16, 1:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 37
  Ken Brodlie (University of Leeds), David Duce (Oxford Brookes University), Jason Wood (University of Leeds)
  Content-Level: 20% Introductory 80% Intermediate 0% Advanced

Abstract: Visualization is a key component in understanding large datasets, including those generated as output from simulations on high performance computers. Computational steering allows the adjustment of parameters as a simulation is running, on the basis of the visualized results. This tutorial will give a brief introduction to visualization, and proceed to cover two key aspects: distributed visualization and collaborative visualization. Distributed visualization is of essential importance for computational steering, allowing the simulation to run on a remote high performance computer, but with the steering control and the visualization on the desktop. Collaborative visualization is of increasing importance, as more and more scientific research is done in teams, often geographically distributed. The tutorial will be illustrated throughout by live demonstrations of all the concepts, including a demonstration of Grid-enabled visualization where an existing visualization system, IRIS Explorer, is combined with Globus middleware, to provide both distributed and collaborative visualization in a single framework.
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