Session: S12: Advanced Topics in OpenMP
  Title: S12: Advanced Topics in OpenMP
  Chair: Timothy Glen Mattson (Intel)
  Time: Sunday, November 16, 1:30PM - 5:00PM
  Rm #: 18
  Timothy Glen Mattson (Intel), Sanjiv Shah (Intel)
  Content-Level: 5% Introductory 35% Intermediate 60% Advanced

Abstract: OpenMP is an important standard for writing parallel applications for shared memory computers. Many HPC professionals have been exposed to OpenMP. Unfortunately, only a small number have mastered it to become OpenMP experts.

This tutorial will address that problem by covering the key topics a programmer must understand in order to become an OpenMP expert. We will address (1) how to take advantage of the performance oriented constructs in the OpenMP specifications, (2) compiler implementation issues and how they impact program performance, and (3) programming clusters of SMP nodes by mixing OpenMP and MPI.

Throughout the tutorial, we will use examples to amplify each of the above points. We will collect these examples from real programs crafted by master OpenMP programmers.
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