Session: S06: The Grid: Software Standards for Cyberinfrastructure
  Title: S6: The Grid: Software Standards for Cyberinfrastructure
  Chair: Carl Kesselman (USC Information Sciences Institute )
  Time: Sunday, November 16, 8:30AM - 12:00PM
  Rm #: 39
  Carl Kesselman (USC Information Sciences Institute)
  Content-Level: 75% Introductory 25% Intermediate 0% Advanced

Abstract: Market pressures in both business and science are enabling the emergence of a common framework for distributed computing. The favored candidate at this time for this common framework is "the Grid." The Grid community, organized around the Global Grid Forum (GGF), has made considerable progress toward establishing a sense of what the Grid is and how it should be developed. This tutorial will introduce attendees to the concepts and current status of the Grid computing movement in science and business. Attendees will leave with a roadmap of the concepts, available products and technologies, standards activities, and R&D associated with the Grid.
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