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Industry Exhibitor Application

Since its inception, SC has established a tradition as the place for scientists, engineers, and managers to see the latest in products, services, and innovations in high performance computing, networking and related disciplines, enabling them to return home with the tools they need to prepare their organizations for the future. Now more than ever, they need to operate as effectively as possible, managing their financial and professional resources to best serve their communities. There is no other event that provides the depth and interaction in a wide range of fields such as information architectures, data storage, analysis and visualization, optical networking, scalable computing, scientific applications and distributed systems. Under the conference theme of "Igniting Innovation," industrial exhibitors will demonstrate the future of computing and networks from the desktop to petaflops.

Backed by the industry’s only focused conference program, the exhibit floor gives attendees the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience to back up the wealth of information gathered in the conference sessions. They’ll examine the impact of our changing society and growing global marketplace as well as breakthrough technologies for management and support. Conference attendees will search for the tools - your products and services - that will allow them to implement this newfound knowledge on a local scale, in their own facilities.

From the top of their field:
5% President/Owner/Vice President
10% Research Director/Management
22% Scientific/Research Staff
5% Computer Scientist
3% Programmer/Analyst
6% Systems/Software Engineer
5% Director/Manager Computer Center/Services
6% Engineering Management
5% Member of Technical Staff
3% Sales & Marketing Manager/Reps
13% Professor/Teacher
7% Other Management
9% All Other*
     *Includes Consultants, Students, Other Engineers, Writers/Editors

From A Wide Range of Businesses:

4% Aerospace
8% Computers and Related Equipment
3% Communications Equipments
3% Other manufacturing (Includes Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical)
7% Research & Development
4% Systems Integration & Consulting
3% Software Development
2% VARs/Computer Sales/Services
27% University/College
10% Primary/Secondary Education
24% Government
7% Other (Includes Non-Profit and students)

From Large Enterprise Companies:
15% 1-50 Employees
15% 51-100
15% 101-500
6% 501-1000
17% 1001-5000
28% 5001+

Over 51% are from companies with more than 500 employees.

SC is a truly national and international event with over 72% of the attendees traveling over 500 miles to attend and 14% coming from outside the United States.

SC attendees come to the exhibit floor ready to buy a wide range of products and services. Overall, 78% of the attendees have a buying influence (have the final say, specify the supplier or recommend the purchase) for products and services exhibited and 74% have planned purchases of over $100,000.

47% Large-scale/Parallel Clustered Computers
39% Cluster Management Tools
40% SMP Computers
41% Workstation Clusters
47% Desktop Workstations
32% Networks
20% Telecommunications Services
40% Storage Systems
42% Peripheral equipment
64% Software

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