Exhibitor Forum

SC2003 offers industrial exhibitors the opportunity to highlight research and development breakthroughs in the Exhibitor Forum. This forum typically showcases the latest technology advances from industry exhibitors in all high-performance related disciplines. 61% of conference attendees found the exhibitor forums valuable or very valuable to their conference experience.

We invite all SC2003 Exhibitors to submit proposals for presentations in the Exhibitor Forum to highlight their technology approaches and advances.

Abstract Submission Deadline
Friday, August 8, 2003

Submit Here (http://rocks30.sdsc.edu/cgi-bin/e_submit.pl)

Abstract Guidelines

1 - 2 page proposal abstracts in Microsoft Word, pdf or postscript format should be submitted online.

Exhibitor forum abstracts should describe a proposal for a 30 minute (with time for questions) presentation and should include the the area of technology that will be described, the class of problems where it applies, and the general approach taken by the company. SC conference attendees are often themselves leaders in developing and using advanced information technology and look for technically deep, high-quality presentations. As has been the history of the SCxy exhibitor forum, presentations that are primarily sales overviews are not accepted.

All abstracts will be reviewed and presentations will be grouped by like technology areas so that attendees can get a broad overview of like industry offerings and directions. While every attempt is made to accommodate all industry exhibitor forum requests, there are only a fixed number of presentation slots.

The presentation room will have network access and standard AV (overhead projector, microphone, and laptop display projector). If you have other special needs (equipment, particular presentation date) please contact the exhibitor forum chair.

Notices of acceptance of abstracts will be given by September 5, 2003.

Where to Submit Your Abstract

Submit Here (http://rocks30.sdsc.edu/cgi-bin/e_submit.pl)